Last Litter Program


Did you have an accidental litter of puppies?

We understand accidents happen and when this does, we are here to help!

Lucky Paws Dog Rescue offers FREE desexing of the mother dog for the pet owner when you surrender the entire litter.

It can seem like a wonderful experience, but the reality is so many things can go wrong that can cause puppy deaths as well as risk the life of the mother dog too. Let’s not also forget the expense of feeding the extra mouths, clean up, the time and energy needed and then - there's having to pay for the vet appointments and legally required vet work, apply for a breeder registration. And if this wasn't enough - taking phone calls to pick the right homes and having people come to visit them.

When it's time to find them new homes, we will advertise them for adoption and screen the new homes thoroughly. This includes written applications and meets in person. We will also pay for all the vet work as needed to ensure they're ready for a new home. This includes but is not limited to vaccinations, microchipping (required by law), flea, worming and also desexing, so the new owners don't have to worry about accidental litters in the future. We will also use our breeder number - which we have and is required by law.

All our animals are in loving foster homes until adopted, we don’t have a shelter so they will never be in cages.

If you would like to take up this wonderful offer please complete the application below.


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