About Us

Lucky Paws Dog Rescue Inc is a not-for-profit dog rescue based in South East Queensland including Hervey Bay. We are 100% volunteer run.

Lucky Paws Dog Rescue was formed in 2017 by a very small team of volunteers. 

To this day we are still a very small rescue and run by only 3 individuals!

 Our rescue specialises in assisting remote indigenous and outback communities, Last Litter Programs, working breeds, retired working dogs and large scale surrenders. We began due to the fact that these small remote areas were often getting overlooked and had absolutely no help at all, some of our dogs even get flown in as the roads are not accessible by road transport. 

 Our team drives endless hours to collect and save the lives of the less fortune dogs in these very remote areas. 

We place all our animals in loving, approved foster homes where they will get the best of care while they wait for their forever homes. We provide all vet and behavioural work required to ensure our dogs are happy, healthy and ready to be a part of a loving family!

Our rescue group offers a desexing program called 'Lucky Last Litter Program'. When you surrender the entire litter of puppies, we will desex the mother for free at a local vet of the owners choice.

What People Are Saying
About Lucky Paws Dog Rescue Inc

Just want to thank the marvellous team at Lucky Paws Dog Rescue for their hard work and dedication.  They have helped bring joy to our home. We have been fortunate to welcome Ginger into our lives and feel very blessed.  She is a dear girl. She is quiet, well behaved and has wormed her way easily into our hearts in under 24 hours. 

~ Leesa 2022


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