I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Muttley

We're happy to tell you that Muttley has a new furever home.
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Hello everyone – I’m Muttley.  I spent a bit of time roaming around getting a taste of what it’s like to live on the streets. Turns out I much prefer living in a house and getting fed every day! Beds are super comfy to sleep on!

When I came to this house I wasn’t too sure about it all and I spent a few days with my tail between my legs and a bit down in the dumps about it all. But in a couple of days I decided it was okay and started wagging my tail and running for cuddles! I will sleep right next to you on the bed and have my face ready for scratches as soon as you wake up! I really just want to be wherever you are. 

I love to nap – and I love to eat. I eat kibble and tend to have a few mini meals throughout the day – but I LOVE people food and snacks! I’m even learning how to sit and lay down for kangaroo bites! I’m starting to understand how to ‘step back’ from the door to let someone come in or go out without running past their feet. My foster brother Charlie is 4 times my size – and he likes to play – A LOT! I’m not as energetic as him – but I try to keep up and we do like to sleep together on the bed and protect the house from anybody walking past. We eat and drink out of shared bowls without any issues and we don’t snap to try and get the snacks first!  I don’t mind a bit of a chit chat with my people. If I need to pat you on the arm to get your attention I will do that – so it’s okay if you are hard of hearing! I’ll let you know when I want attention. I also am a pretty good bum wiggler when I’m excited. 

I was obviously toilet trained in the past – but with all the changes I’ve had one or two accidents – but I haven’t had any of those in days and wait til the door is open and run outside to go. 

I have had a good hair cut and I was a very good boi while it was happening! My hair is good hair that doesn’t seem to matt – and feels lovely and soft when cut!  Now that I have had my clip I am the cutest little dog on the block! My unique little face with my snaggletooth will draw you in and make you want to give me kisses and cuddles! Just wait til you see my trick where I stand on my back legs and dance!

I will make the best companion dog for someone who doesn’t need hours of walks everyday.  I will sit with you – follow you around to see what you are doing, give you kisses . I get on well with other dogs and share my food well.  I’ve had Charlie to keep me company so I haven’t had to be alone even though my foster mum goes to work all day 4 days a week. I’ve been both inside all day and also outside.  She doesn’t have a crate – but I would probably transition pretty well into one.  I also LOVE car rides! 

There can still be some times where I put my tail between my legs and get a bit anxious but I was used to having to be super observant and on guard when I didn’t have a home – so as I get more and more familiar with your houses noises and things I will get more comfortable. 

I will give you unlimited snuggles and licks if you pick me!  I just want to be loved and cuddled and center of someones world. I will make you smile every day if you let me come live with you.

I am 2 years old.

Location: Windaroo, QLD


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