I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Leia

We're happy to tell you that Leia has a new furever home.
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This is lovely Leia!
Leia is half teddy bear and half dog. She is a very gentle and considerate dog. She loves spending her days sleeping wherever is coolest but also enjoys a snuggle on the couch and cuddling up in her bed from time to time. 
She’s far from fussy and is very easy going. She’s not interested in toys but she loves tennis and bouncing balls.  She is more than happy to comply with directions and is always up for a paw shake. 
She hasn’t been taught many commands but that doesn’t mean she can’t learn them with persistence and plenty of treats. She loves the smell of human food but doesn’t loiter when she’s told to eat her own. She may be used to being fed human food from her old home but it’s never too late to learn to live without it. 
At night time, she chooses to sleep by herself on the floor or in her bed in her humans bedroom. She tests the boundaries and sometimes jumps on the bed and couch squished between her humans for a cuddle.
Leia has some doggy neighbours that often bark but Leia is not interested in the neighbourhood gossip and chooses not to engage. Leia can be a little weary when she meets new humans and new dogs but warms quickly and appreciates all the attention she can get. She can be vocal when she’s been startled but she calms quickly after her humans assure her she’s safe.  
Leia loves her sleep and is never the first up in the morning. Leia knows when she needs to go to the toilet and will let you know when it’s time. If she isn’t let out to go to the toilet before bed, she will very carefully and quietly let you know she needs to go during the night. 
Leia would be great in a household with other dogs if they are older or very relaxed like her. She would also appreciate a family without young children because she appreciates the gentle nature of older humans. 
She’s an angel in dog form and a pleasure to share life with. 
Leia is currently receiving twice daily ear cleans as her ears were very dirty and had a mild ear infection, however we recommend her ears to be cleaned at least once a week to ensure she doesn’t get another build up of wax.
I am 7 years old.
Location: Logan, QLD


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